Why We Joined The Green Party

And How We’re Working Within It To Change The World

ATTENTION CALIFORNIA GREENS: Let the state Green Party officials know what you think about the recall!

Cast your vote on these issues using the DemoChoice Instant Runoff Voting software!

  • VOTE: What position should the GPCA take on Question 1 of the recall? (recalling Gray Davis)
  • VOTE: Who should we endorse on Question 2? (to replace Davis if the recall succeeds)
  • VOTE: If the GPCA endorses multiple candidates on Q2, should we ask the lower polling candidate to drop out towards the end of the campaign?
  • VOTE: Camejo has stated that he will drop out if the CC asks him to. Should the GPCA CC ask Camejo to drop out now?

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Read Michael Alterman’s letter to MoveOn.Org, “Why I Didn’t Vote In The MoveOn Primary”, in the ISwitched.Org Blog.